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Providing the Best Wood for Demanding Baseball Leagues, Teams, and Serious Players
Save on Durable Pro Stock and the talk of ball players in the know "American Beech Wood Bats"

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Independent Professional Leagues, Semi-Pro Adult Leagues, Youth, High School, and College Players
Sandlot Stiks High Density New American Beech Wood Bats
Made from high quality dense Beech Billets, these bats enable batters to prove themselves.
The Perfect Bats for Players in Perfect Game Tournaments

Grown in America Hand Made in the USA American Beech Wood Bats
Why Swing Beech:
The natural wood sap fills in the microscopic fiber matrix when dried causing a denser wood than maple, ash and birch. The beech bat surface will compressed with every hit and then rebound when the bat ball contact is made . Beech bats will have more flex allowing a stronger whipping action when hitting a baseball. The denser wood will cause the bat to vibrate less thus providing more ball bat explosion on contact. With denser wood you will have greater batted ball exit speeds (2 or 3 miles per hour of increased ball speed off of the bat and each mile per hour is the equivalent of 5 or 7 feet, thus the difference between a fly out and outfielders chasing a ball
or an infield put out versus a ball getting out of the infield quickly for a base hit).
American Beech Bats are made here in America are always delivered freshly made.
The 32 inch CBC8 is the Perfect first wood bat to start with great balance lots of Pop easy to swing

Grown in America Hand Made in the USA
American Beech Wood Bats

The 32 inch CBC8 is the Perfect for a Players First Wood Bat to Starting Out
Great Balance, Whole Lot of Flex, Lots of Pop, Good Bat Speed, Easy to Swing




CB30 with Vulcan Bat Grip

Life's a Beech Control Your Game
This bat is more explosive on ball contact than any bat I have used in the past 30 years. The sound is
more crisp, the ball harder hit, and just darn angry coming off anywhere near the sweet spot.
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Full or Half Crimson Fire  Full or Half Black   Full Clear

In Stock Last of the American Beech Bats
32" CBC8, CBXT-5, CB110,
32.5" CB271,
33"  CB30, CB141, CB110, CB225, CBXT-5
33.5" CB110
Call to order 503 208 2009
32, 32.5, 33, 33.5,
American Beech baseball bats high quality dense billets, these bats enable batters to prove themselves
Call to order 503 208 2009
31, 31.5, 32, 32.5, 33, 33.5, 34, 34.5,& 35 Engraved Bats
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New Game Ready CBXT-5    1.10" Handle and 2.48" Barrel

Game Ready CB30 .97" Handle 2.57" Barrel

Why we Sell Wood Bats...Because the Rule Book says to! That's how baseball's played!