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Katana Baseball Bats
Katana Bats  European Beach Extreme High Density Wood Baseball Bats
Turning Doubles into Hom Runs

Euro Beech Dense Wood Baseball Bat 32, 33, 33.5, 34

Katana Bats Made from European Beech
 Katana the Japanese Word for Sword is the Bat that Pitchers Hate the Most
Top MLB PRO Baseball Euro Beech All Wood with Slope of Grain Ink Modeled after the Famous M243 Knob 1.97 Handle .935 and a Huge Barrel 2.61 inches. Old Tradition with a new Attitude Large Long full profile.
Full barrel with a thin handle. Your new favorite weapon. Perfect for the seasoned wood bat user.
Pro Katana Euro Beech Extreme Density Wood Bat with pro Ink dot
New Color for 2022 available in 32, 33,33.5, and 34 inch lengths-2-3
Reduced Shipping $15.00 (USA)
Katana Euro Beech
High Performance Wood Bat
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Why Swing Beech:
The natural wood sap fills in the microscopic fiber matrix when dried causing a denser wood than maple, ash and birch. The beech bat surface will compressed with every hit and then rebound when the bat ball contact is made . Beech bats will have more flex allowing a stronger whipping action when hitting a baseball. A denser wood will vibrate less thus providing more ball bat explosion on contact.
Life's A Beech Go Out and have Fun

The result of this partnership is the new “Katana” baseball bat. This bat is made of European Beech which is the best wood in the world regarding feel, functionality, safety and results. These bats are sculpted by 5 axis CNC technology,
finish over a visible open grain and checked for uniformity with Ink for constant slope of the wood grain

Katana the Japanese Word for Sword
 Top MLB PRO with Slope of Grain INK Modeled after the M243
Knob 1.97 Handle .935 and a Big Big Barrel 2.61
Tradition with a new attitude with Long full profile. Full barrel with a thin handle. Your new favorite weapon
Perfect for the seasoned wood bat user. Pro Katana Wood Bats are in 33, and 34 inch lengths

Sales to Mexico, Latin America, Caribbean, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia by shipping USPS Priority Mail
we want to ship your bats the fastest but least expensive way possible.

Katana Gold Label
Gold labeled for excellence great Bat Speed through the hitting zone.
Modeled after the M243
Flared Knob 1.97  Handle .935 Barrel 2.61
Designed to make outfielders nervous

ink Pro Bat Required


All of our Katana bat models have passed one final stage - player testing and feedback. Even with all of the advanced processes that we described above, we still made sure that our bat models were tested by actual players at all levels of play.

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todays wood bats 
barrle sise to ball deflection 1.22 inces of ball surface in contact with bat

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